Acting Update

So, we are moving forward nicely this time of year. I am putting up two concurrent one acts at the Wings Theatre the last 2 weeks of March and we are in rehearsals for that now. I was cast a couple of weeks ago off a callback because I wasn’t able to make it to the straight audition. The cast it small (only 3 of us) but good. The short is called the Magic Barrel and is based off a short story by Bernard Malmud. I am playing a young rabbinical student that employees a matchmaker to find him a wife. Very Fiddler but with out the singing or frivolity.

In other news I have an equity audition for the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre this coming Monday afternoon which I am looking forward too.

I also heard from Matt Weiss the director of the feature I played a supporting role in called A Night in the Hills. The cut is finished and he is adding music. So I am looking forward to a few of my scenes in it to add to my reel.