A Few Laps

I am often grateful for the beautiful weather that comes as winter fades and moves further and further north, until the mild weather encompasses even the topmost reaches of Maine. But, as we may not be out of the woods yet, (March is a long, uncertain month) I took the opportunity to get back on my tri bike yesterday as the temperature crested 60° in Central Park. (Details at the end)

This is only the second time I rode since getting my bike ergonimically fitted by Mike Sherry at Performance Labs HC and it felt great. I went for about 1hr and 15min which was enough time to ride from my place and do 3 loops around the park. I find the most difficult thing to be keeping a steady pace when I find other bikers passing me. The internal competitor inside wants to chase but the calculating athlete in me knows to keep it steady and stick to the training plan.

It took me a while to get my steady cadence down but I started feeling stronger during the second lap and was holding back by the third. A good sign. But in reality I should be running more for the next week and a half. I have the NYC 1/2 marathon on Sunday the 21st which wasn’t cheap to enter. So I had better make it worthwhile and get a PR.

The Ironman looms over each and every workout I do and even more when I am not working out, but should be. It colors everything I’m doing. Not necessarily in a negative way per-se, but its impossible to avoid. The uncertainty is what is most troublesome. I assume this is all part of the training. All part of becoming a stronger athlete. Lets hope.

Activity Type: Cycling
Time: 01:14:57
Distance: 21.56 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,290 ft
Calories: 1,589 C
Avg HR:149 bpm

Till next time.