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So, its been a bit busy at Hamlet opens tomorrow along with the fesitivites of the 4th of July. But all went smoothly and we are ready to open tonight. We had a dress on Thursday night and a cleanup rehearsal last night followed by drinks (which were not on the rehearsal schedual)

July 4th was teriffic and everything that was promised. We arrived at the boat at 5:30 which was parked behind the Forbes boat A crew of 6 greeted us with wine and water and we disembarked at 6pm for a tour up the Hudson to the GW Bridge. The weather held out the entire time (despite forcasts) and the sunset provided some great light for pictures. We parked down by the Statue of Liberty and watched the fireworks. The back to dock around 11pm. Open bar…all you can eat…it was awsome. Thanks to Nate and Vicky for a great time.

So, if you are inclined to see HAMLET (at least come for the sweet fight scenes) here is the schedual:
Stella Adler Studio 2-B31 W. 27th Street, 2nd Floor
July 8th-8pm
July 9th-3pm
July 13th 14th 8pm
July 15th -3pm
July 18th-20th and 22nd -8pm
July 23rd-3pm
July 27th-29th 8pm

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