So, nearly a week later I have finally found the time to post about the tri. Luckily it also gave me ample time to analyize the whole expierence and determine why I (or really anyone else) do these types of things. They are painful, long and nerve-wracking events that really test your physical and mental limits. Cliche I know.

But after finishing I began to think about those competing with me (passing me and ocassionally being passed by me) and the different motivations any of us have going into it. (That and constantly being asked by friends why the hell would I want to do this)

For the easist and probably least specific answer, we can easily look to Mallory’s famous quote describing a challange far tougher and more dangerous than an Olympic distance triathlon: that of climbing Everest. “Because its there”

That is never really the truest reason, but it alludes to a simplicity that rationalizes the complicated drives within in us and allows us to engage in an activity that is against our bodies better judgement. Seeking the rush of exertion, the focus that comes with complete exhaustion, and the joy of seeing the end of months, sometimes years of work, is enough to justify the effort that got you there. It is also encouraging to know you are not alone. That all around you (and, during the swim, on top of you) are a diverse, motley set of people all striving towards that same line which lies 1 mile of swimming, 24 miles of biking, and 6 miles of running ahead of you. You know its there, you visualize the steps needed to deliver you there but you don’t feel anything else, panting and sweating in the middle of the race. Tree by tree, street lamp by streetlamp the race lurches past you in short segments which are all you allow yourself to see. Gradually, you begin to appreciate what you put behind you knowing you are now futher in that you were out and that you might as well keep going.

So you do.

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