Back to school

Currently on the porch at my grandparents house in Long Island after dropping off the car for what I hope will be a while. I have pretty much tapped out my patience for traffic this summer and look forward to using public transportation for some time. The summer was probably my busiest since coming to NYC, especially actingwise. But I did manage to get a good deal of travel in getting to Houston, Tx, Williamsburg, VA,  Erie, PA, many trips upstate to Binghamton and Syracuse and a handful of triathlons in Long Island. I am anxious for the weather to break and the fall (my favorite time of year) to begin.

In acting news, the signing at the NY state fair for Jr Lab Ratz went smoothly. We got to see the promo for the first time which was pretty cool. The website is now up along with the trailer and pictures which you can see here.