Back to school

Currently on the porch at my grandparents house in Long Island after dropping off the car for what I hope will be a while. I have pretty much tapped out my patience for traffic this summer and look forward to using public transportation for some time. The summer was probably my busiest since coming to NYC, especially actingwise. But I did manage to get a good deal of travel in getting to Houston, Tx, Williamsburg, VA,  Erie, PA, many trips upstate to Binghamton and Syracuse and a handful of triathlons in Long Island. I am anxious for the weather to break and the fall (my favorite time of year) to begin.

In acting news, the signing at the NY state fair for Jr Lab Ratz went smoothly. We got to see the promo for the first time which was pretty cool. The website is now up along with the trailer and pictures which you can see here.

PBS Pilot

It has been a quite unexpected and exciting summer so far. Along with a great deal of traveling, much has been happening on the acting front. As I mentioned earlier I signed with agent Shirley Faison of the Carson-Adler agency earlier in the summer. Just prior to that I was cast as Isaac Adams, the lead, in Jr Lab Ratz, a new science-based tv pilot geared for kids in middle and high school. WCNY, a local PBS affiliate based in Syracuse commissioned the show and produced it. It is being billed as a cross between Saved By the Bell and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Because it has PBS backing, the pilot will air on all PBS affiliates across New York State on November 11th at 8pm. In the mean time, I and the rest of the cast will be appearing at the NY State fair this coming Thursday to participate in some science demonstrations and sign autographs. After that, the writers will come up with 4 or 5 more treatments and combined with the pilot will shop it out and try to get it picked up by a studio.

The week of filming in Syracuse was a pretty amazing experience. The cast is terrific and amazingly fun and the crew was really capable and professional. Having 2 cameras on the shoot was new for me and it made us able to film, on average, close to 5 pages a day for only 6 days. This made for long shoots and tense moments but we all made it through unscathed. I hesitate to see myself in HD though, that is scary no matter how you look at it.

In other news, I won 1st in my age group for the third time in a row in 2 years at the Mini-Mighty Man triathlon out in Long Island. This time I came in 3rd for all males overall as well. The Providence Half-Ironman was quite an experience as well. I had a PR in both the swim and bike legs but crashed hard on the run, bringing in my worst time ever. A learning experience I suppose.

Kristin and I took many trips both triathlon and wedding related this summer. Nate Goodrich got hitched to his beautiful fiance Carly in Erie and my cousin Courtney tied the knot in Williamsburg, VA. We were able to stop at Virgina Beach for a couple hours too which was a welcome surprise. A handful of trips were made upstate as well to see the folks and relax in Binghamton.

Looking forward to the State Fair this coming Thursday. If you are in the area, stop at the WCNY tent and say hi.


I am very pleased to announce that, as of today, I have agency representation here in NYC. I will be working with Shirley Faison of the Carson-Adler Agency which is entering it’s 25th successful year in the industry. This is the next major step in my acting career and the result of 5 years of hard work. But, at the same time, its a new beginning with a new set of challenges and an increased chance of greater success. With an agency backing me up, I can now audition for all the projects that I could previously not be seen for by myself. I couldn’t be more excited and love the agent I’m working with and can’t wait to get started.

In addition, I’ve updated my actorsaccess webpage and will soon be updating my IMDB page as well.

Capital Gains Tax

“As part of his “Tax Fairness for the Middle Class” plan, Barack Obama is in favor of nearly doubling the capital-gains tax rate from 15 percent to 28 percent.”

And with that, any love I may have had for him is gone.

Recent Developments

With spring in full effect the and the Triathlon season underway my time outside has increased and I couldn’t be more pleased. I am riding to work as much as possible and running outdoors almost exclusively. Last Saturday was spent in Long Island with the grands and at the Mini Mighty Man tri where I won my age group (25-29) for the second year in a row. I stayed for the awards this time, now that I had a clue I had a chance.

On the acting front, a couple of encouraging developments. One being the recent audition I had for this years Shakespeare in the Park production of Hamlet with the Public Theater. I broke out my violin for it and had to practice all this past weekend. Still working the actors connection and scanning the auditions.

In other news I’m pretty happy about Apple’s earnings today.

April Showers

Its good to be finally leaving winter behind with all of its attendant mess (cold, snow, writers strike) I am celebrating with a slew of outdoor and indoor activities.

Indoor-wise, the acting front has been picking up with a callback for the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival’s upcoming Romeo and Juliet. In addition I’ve been hitting the AC circuit, aiming for agency’s I have some connection too. Good responses so far. Almost all the agents have been close to my age and very down to earth. Encouraging.

On the outdoor front, tri season had officially begun with my first one down in Galveston, TX while visiting my sister. Some of the pics came out pretty well. While there we visited NASA 

Acting Update

Things have been picking up nicely in the New Year with a handful of auditions including one last night and one at the end of last week. Waiting to hear from both at this point. My reel was recently updated with my scene in A Night in the Hill. I have been meeting with a handful of agents over at Actors Connection hoping to jumpstart the agent search. Also continuing to work on my own project which is coming along nicely as well.

Looking forward to skipping town for a couple of days this weekend to visit Philly and my good friend Nate in Pittsburgh and then to Canada next weekend for our annual ice fishing trip.

Currently watching the Giants Ticker Tape parade downtown. Every few moments I wish I was there, then i remember I hate crowds.

Corrections and Responses

So, a couple of you have commented recently about my posts which, of course, is encouraged. It also gives me an opportunity to clarify and respond.

I did end up learning that, as Steve mentioned, the new public bathroom will be closed after 10pm for fear of vandalism. That this is the first unit of its kind does not help the paranoia about this kind of attack. So I suppose I understand. But this knowledge certainly wouldn’t have done me much good considering I wasn’t planning on etching my name on the inside of its gleaming washable walls but simply using it for its intended purpose. McDonalds had to do once again.

Which reminds me of something I learned about many of the  McDonalds with 2 floors in the city. They often close the upper level late at night which is where the bathrooms often are. They do this with a cleaning cone. If you aren’t afraid of these scary cones, just walk the stairs and chances are you will be unseen. Or, more likely, not stopped even if you are. So be bold in times of great need, it is worth the risk. The alternative is much worse.

As for my bold predictions, I would like to add I really do think Apple will corner the MacBook market, gaining up to a 99% market share. 100% with aggressive advertising. Thanks Bri!!

Surprise, Surprise

Well, the new public pay bathrooms have started appearing around the city. Only one so far actually and I had the fortuitous opportunity to come across in a desperate time of need. The perfect coincidence. The toilet had been unveiled that very day in the news and here I was, at 1am in Herald Sq, forced off my speedy, warm D train whisking me home by a deep seated need to relieve myself. As I dashed out of the subway I remembered  the newscast and soon came upon the gleaming metal shack looking for all the world like a closed news stand. As I neared, quarter in hand,  I looked for the coin-slot and there, gleaming like HAL was a red OUT OF ORDER light.

Yeah. Thats about right


Because everyone else always does it so why not assignment help uk me. Here are a couple 08 predictions:

Blue Ray comes out on top. With Warner Bros announcing that it would release only high-definition Blu-ray movies starting July and also ending their HD-DVD support, Blue-Ray will continue to gain market share and eventually come out on top. Which sort of makes up for Sony’s past proprietary failures including but not limited to Betamax, Minidisc and the Memorystick.

Barack Obama wins the Dem ticket. With his recent win in Iowa and his preliminary poll numbers going into NH (we’ll find out for sure tonight), he will carry this early momentum through till Super Tuesday beating out Hillary and the rest of the field.

Cross branding becomes more and more ubiquitous. Watching tv last night I saw 3 separate products/companies all mashed up in a 1 minute commercial. Hewlett Packard, Serena Williams clothing line and the new movie Jumpers were all represented in this bizarre spectacle of symbiotic advertisement. Making for one annoying minute of my life I will never get back. I assume that this will be the beginning of something much bigger and more annoying.

OK, so I haven’t really gone out on a limb for any of these, but I may find myself wrong on at least one out of 3.