Acting Update

Things are indeed picking up here finally with a couple of auditions last week. I’m planning on attending some Equity open calls this week as well as setting up a mailing.

There has been renewed interest in re-mounting Hamlet this summer so that will be updated on later I am sure.

Brian is back from […]


This post is a long time coming but not due to lack of activity. On the contrary I have been amassing auditions this month and sending out headshots at a renewed fervor. Yesterday’s was for a new play over at NOLA studios and last week was a Coors Light commercial. A handful of other commercial […]

Hamptons Return

A lot going on recently actingwise I am happy to report. I have an Off-Broadway audition tomorrow afternoon and then meeting with a Professional Artists agent.

Recent auditions for the Sopranos, Miller Lite and Syracuse University.

Spent some time at the Hamptons Film festival a few weekends ago and was able to connect with a […]

More acting

Hamlet closed a couple weeks ago and was suprisingly well recieved.

The film shoot in Scranton of One Night in the Hills was a blast. Looking forward to seeing some of the hi-def rushes soon.

Been going out consistently with a Sprint, CSTV, and Bertoli Frozen foods auditions.

Back to submitting some headshots and finding […]

Hamlet Schedual

Opening Night.

Here is the performance schedual for Hamlet.

Stella Adler Studio 2-B31 W. 27th Street, 2nd Floor July 8th-8pm July 9th-3pm July 13th 14th 8pm July 15th -3pm July 18th-20th and 22nd -8pm July 23rd-3pm July 27th-29th 8pm

The show turned out well and I am looking forward to putting it up in front […]

Hamlet Rehearsal

Hamlet is two weeks away. Rehearsals are going smoothly. Not only am I playing 3 roles (Laertes, Marcello, and Gildernstern) but I’ll be whipping out the violin for the play within a play scene.

Fight choreography is progressing and we are getting faster and faster with each runthrough.

Details on the show HERE



We are up and running Shortly After Takeoff as of last Saturday. A great opening night to a sold out house.

The reviews are already streaming in:


Quotes: NYTheatre- “The boys’ relationship feels completely real, due in no small part to the playing of Eric Shelley and Anthony Bagnetto as Ethan and Chip, […]

Shortly After Takeoff

We have begun rehearsals for Shortly After Takeoff this past Tuesday and I am really excited about the production. We have a large staff and have already been written up in Playbill. We have a very short rehearsal period so we are blocking fast and attempting to get off book ASAP. Tix are already on […]