A Fitting Tribute

The last two days were a marathon that I was simply happy to get through. Slotting in clients amongst a Samsung 3D TV promotion and a super stressful audition made for some exhausting hours which were capped off with a 5 hour late night shift at my gym. I was finally lucky and caught a […]

On 30

Every time I attempt to write about what its like to turn 30 I get stopped at the first sentence. I never really know why or for who I am writing but only know that I should be.

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Which makes it hard to get to the second sentence. […]

Back from South Beach; Jr Lab Ratz with more air dates

Just returned from a relaxing 5 day vacation in South Beach, Miami ready to get back to work. While I was out of town, WCNY made their way to KidScreen Conference in NYC to promote Jr Lab Ratz and from early accounts it went well. Meanwhile, it has been airing multiple times on PBS in […]

Back to school

Currently on the porch at my grandparents house in Long Island after dropping off the car for what I hope will be a while. I have pretty much tapped out my patience for traffic this summer and look forward to using public transportation for some time. The summer was probably my busiest since coming to […]

Corrections and Responses

So, a couple of you have commented recently about my posts which, of course, is encouraged. It also gives me an opportunity to clarify and respond.

I did end up learning that, as Steve mentioned, the new public bathroom will be closed after 10pm for fear of vandalism. That this is the first unit of […]


Because everyone else always does it so why not assignment help uk me. Here are a couple 08 predictions:

Blue Ray comes out on top. With Warner Bros announcing that it would release only high-definition Blu-ray movies starting July and also ending their HD-DVD support, Blue-Ray will continue to gain market share and eventually come […]

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all. Kristin and I are headed to cheap cialis 20mg a midtown bar to meet with friends and then to a small gathering at a Union Sq Apt. I plan on not losing my phone this year and not drinking from a bottle of tequila swiped from a catering table.


Christmas Eve

It dosen’t take much in life to bring you back 15 or 20 years and the holidays are perfect for that. The same family dynamics, the same traditions that are the very definition of your own specific Christmas experience are welcome distractions from the rest of the year. I am happy to be fully […]


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Feeling scrutinized at the Nokia N95 launch today