A Few Laps

I am often grateful for the beautiful weather that comes as winter fades and moves further and further north, until the mild weather encompasses even the topmost reaches of Maine. But, as we may not be out of the woods yet, (March is a long, uncertain month) I took the opportunity to get back on […]

First Indoor Triathlon with Jack Rabbit Sports

Placed 2nd on Sunday at my first ever indoor triathlon. buy generic cialis 20mg Pretty fun little tune-up for late winter. 10min swim as far as you can. 30 min spin as fast as you can. 20 min run on treadmill as far as you can. Jack Rabbit

PBS Pilot

It has been a quite unexpected and exciting summer so far. Along with a great deal of traveling, much has been happening on the acting front. As I mentioned earlier I signed with agent Shirley Faison of the Carson-Adler agency earlier in the summer. Just prior to that I was cast as Isaac Adams, the […]

Recent Developments

With spring in full effect the and the Triathlon season underway my time outside has increased and I couldn’t be more pleased. I am riding to work as much as possible and running outdoors almost exclusively. Last Saturday was spent in Long Island with the grands and at the Mini Mighty Man tri where I […]

April Showers

Its good to be finally leaving winter behind with all of its attendant mess (cold, snow, writers strike) I am celebrating with a slew of outdoor and indoor activities.

Indoor-wise, the acting front has been picking up with a callback for the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival’s upcoming Romeo and Juliet. In addition I’ve been hitting the […]


So, nearly a week later I have finally found the time to post about the tri. Luckily it also gave me ample time to analyize the whole expierence and determine why I (or really anyone else) do these types of things. They are painful, long and nerve-wracking events that really test your physical and mental […]


Thursday: B-27miles (with transition!) R-3 miles

Friday: B-45min

So, its been a bit busy at Hamlet opens tomorrow along with the fesitivites of the 4th of July. But all went smoothly and we are ready to open tonight. We had a dress on Thursday night and a cleanup rehearsal last night followed by drinks (which […]

The Beginning

My new baby.

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Triathlon here I come