With spring quickly sweeping through NYC, the acting opportunities are becoming more plentiful. Coming off a great winter of acting, I appeared as the lead in Manhattan Repertory Theater’s Winterfest in the brand new work “For Want of Nothing” A great cast, crew and director led us to an extended run with nearly packed houses. […]

March 2010 Update

While anthonybagnetto.com has existed in some form for 8 years now, the changes in communication on the internet and the rise of social networking has largely made “personal” webpages obsolete. Still it is good to have a place where I can post content I have complete control over and can also act as a portal […]

Acting Update

Things have been picking up nicely in the New Year with a handful of auditions including one last night and one at the end of last week. Waiting to hear from both at this point. My reel was recently updated with my scene in A Night in the Hill. I have been meeting with a […]

Surprise, Surprise

Well, the new public pay bathrooms have started appearing around the city. Only one so far actually and I had the fortuitous opportunity to come across in a desperate time of need. The perfect coincidence. The toilet had been unveiled that very day in the news and here I was, at 1am in Herald Sq, […]


2006 is looking really excellent so far.


Impostors is up and running and getting some great feedback. I’m very happy with how this production turned out and the houses are starting to fill consistently.

We have 5 performances left, they are…

Friday, January 13 at 10:00Saturday, January 21 at 6:00Sunday, January 22 at 8:00Friday, January 27 at 9:00Sunday, January 29 at […]


…and to all a good night


I am very happy to announce that I have been cast in a production that will be going up at the Mint Theatre as part of NeuroFest put up by UTC#61

It is called Imposters I play a 22 year old grad student that arrives home on Christmas break and also serve as the […]


So very busy. Attempted to work as many days a possible last week because I was recently cast in a new show going up at the Mint Theatre. We began rehearsals this past Friday and will be hitting it hard everyday till Christmas. Looking foward to working on something legit for once. Thanksgiving was teriffic […]


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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I hope you all are as lucky as I am to be with family, in a warm house with the smell of turkey wafting through the rooms as it gently snows outside.

In the big scheme of things, we all have a great deal […]