Corrections and Responses

So, a couple of you have commented recently about my posts which, of course, is encouraged. It also gives me an opportunity to clarify and respond.

I did end up learning that, as Steve mentioned, the new public bathroom will be closed after 10pm for fear of vandalism. That this is the first unit of its kind does not help the paranoia about this kind of attack. So I suppose I understand. But this knowledge certainly wouldn’t have done me much good considering I wasn’t planning on etching my name on the inside of its gleaming washable walls but simply using it for its intended purpose. McDonalds had to do once again.

Which reminds me of something I learned about many of theĀ  McDonalds with 2 floors in the city. They often close the upper level late at night which is where the bathrooms often are. They do this with a cleaning cone. If you aren’t afraid of these scary cones, just walk the stairs and chances are you will be unseen. Or, more likely, not stopped even if you are. So be bold in times of great need, it is worth the risk. The alternative is much worse.

As for my bold predictions, I would like to add I really do think Apple will corner the MacBook market, gaining up to a 99% market share. 100% with aggressive advertising. Thanks Bri!!