March 2010 Update

While has existed in some form for 8 years now, the changes in communication on the internet and the rise of social networking has largely made “personal” webpages obsolete. Still it is good to have a place where I can post content I have complete control over and can also act as a portal to all other social sites on the web. As a reminder, you can find those links on the right side of my page.

Since my last update, September ’09, I have settled into my new apartment in midtown which has proven to be a very convenient location for both acting auditions, classes and my personal training clients. It has quite simply changed my life. Since the move I have been commuting on my bike nearly 95% of the time right up until the middle of last month when I broke down and bought a monthly metrocard. My first since July. The snow and weather was becoming totally unmanageable, even for my indomitable spirit. This, coupled with the fact that I broke my hand back in October after crashing on my bike, made me somewhat more cautious on the roads. This incident came a mere week before Kristin and I took a very enjoyable trip to Italy which the broken hand did not spoil.

The holidays were terrific and I have enjoyed the all the snow this year despite the occasional inconvenience. I have been training throughout the winter, albeit in a fairly unfocused manner. Despite that I managed to match my August 1/2 marathon PR in January and to crush my 4 mile PR in early February finally going under 30 minutes. Nearing the end of this month I will be beginning, in ernest, my training for the September 2010 Ironman Wisconsin. I am toying around the idea of blogging my experience from the beginning of training through race day for a couple of reasons. One is that I simply need to write more and another is to have a record of what I went through in case I’m ever stupid enough to try another one.

Till next time.