PBS Pilot

It has been a quite unexpected and exciting summer so far. Along with a great deal of traveling, much has been happening on the acting front. As I mentioned earlier I signed with agent Shirley Faison of the Carson-Adler agency earlier in the summer. Just prior to that I was cast as Isaac Adams, the lead, in Jr Lab Ratz, a new science-based tv pilot geared for kids in middle and high school. WCNY, a local PBS affiliate based in Syracuse commissioned the show and produced it. It is being billed as a cross between Saved By the Bell and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Because it has PBS backing, the pilot will air on all PBS affiliates across New York State on November 11th at 8pm. In the mean time, I and the rest of the cast will be appearing at the NY State fair this coming Thursday to participate in some science demonstrations and sign autographs. After that, the writers will come up with 4 or 5 more treatments and combined with the pilot will shop it out and try to get it picked up by a studio.

The week of filming in Syracuse was a pretty amazing experience. The cast is terrific and amazingly fun and the crew was really capable and professional. Having 2 cameras on the shoot was new for me and it made us able to film, on average, close to 5 pages a day for only 6 days. This made for long shoots and tense moments but we all made it through unscathed. I hesitate to see myself in HD though, that is scary no matter how you look at it.

In other news, I won 1st in my age group for the third time in a row in 2 years at the Mini-Mighty Man triathlon out in Long Island. This time I came in 3rd for all males overall as well. The Providence Half-Ironman was quite an experience as well. I had a PR in both the swim and bike legs but crashed hard on the run, bringing in my worst time ever. A learning experience I suppose.

Kristin and I took many trips both triathlon and wedding related this summer. Nate Goodrich got hitched to his beautiful fiance Carly in Erie and my cousin Courtney tied the knot in Williamsburg, VA. We were able to stop at Virgina Beach for a couple hours too which was a welcome surprise. A handful of trips were made upstate as well to see the folks and relax in Binghamton.

Looking forward to the State Fair this coming Thursday. If you are in the area, stop at the WCNY tent and say hi.