Because everyone else always does it so why not assignment help uk me. Here are a couple 08 predictions:

Blue Ray comes out on top. With Warner Bros announcing that it would release only high-definition Blu-ray movies starting July and also ending their HD-DVD support, Blue-Ray will continue to gain market share and eventually come out on top. Which sort of makes up for Sony’s past proprietary failures including but not limited to Betamax, Minidisc and the Memorystick.

Barack Obama wins the Dem ticket. With his recent win in Iowa and his preliminary poll numbers going into NH (we’ll find out for sure tonight), he will carry this early momentum through till Super Tuesday beating out Hillary and the rest of the field.

Cross branding becomes more and more ubiquitous. Watching tv last night I saw 3 separate products/companies all mashed up in a 1 minute commercial. Hewlett Packard, Serena Williams clothing line and the new movie Jumpers were all represented in this bizarre spectacle of symbiotic advertisement. Making for one annoying minute of my life I will never get back. I assume that this will be the beginning of something much bigger and more annoying.

OK, so I haven’t really gone out on a limb for any of these, but I may find myself wrong on at least one out of 3.